Fun cake manju line

Domas Systems had produced several production lines for a cake product called Manju fun cake. These production lines lines have a capacity of manju funcakes up to 10.000 pieces per hour. These manju production lines are a circular conveyor for manju moulds. Inside these manju moulds on both sides dough is dosed. After the dosing of the dough the filling is put in the middle of the manju funcake. After this the moulds are closed and are moved further through the system. The moulds are slowly moved through an oven. This oven heats the bottom and top side of the manju moulds. After this the moulds are opened and the manju funcakes are taken out the mould en placed on a cooling conveyor.

Domas Systems is able to design, built and install the complete fun cake manju line. We are also able to make modifications is a special manju funcake is needed,

The final cake product, the funcake manju, is a very special cake, with a unique design combined with a filling inside. On the movie below a manju production line can be seen.

These manju fun cakes are produced and sold in a lot of countries all over the world. The shape of the funcake can be modified as you like. This can always be combined with the very sharp details of the outside of the fun cake manju. It is also possible to make moulds with different shapes within the manju fun cake moulds.
When the manju cakes are produced it is important not to pack the funcakes immediately after they leave the funcake manju line. The manju cakes must be placed on a cooling conveyor to give them time to get their temperature reduced. When the temperature is low enough, the cakes can be packed. Because of the very sharp imaging on the manju funcakes it is important to handle the cakes with care. We can also supply this equipment (cooling conveyors and manipulating systems for the manju funcakes).