Cans Pro

This can filling machine is used to fill pastry products into cans and pails. The filling machine does this fully automatic. The products that can be filled are for example printing inks, sealants, resin products, grease. The filling machine is suitable for viscous products.

At first the cans are depiled from a stack. One by one the cans are placed on a conveyor. After that a anti skin fluid can be sprayed into the can. The can is then moved under the filling head. This is where the exact amount is filled into the cans. When the filling is done, the thread of the product is cut off without a trace. This keeps the cans clean and also secures a good seal of the lid. After this the lid is placed, and together with the can it is moved into a vacuĆ¼m station. This station takes all the air out of the can, and replaces it by an inert gas. Then with a little underpressure the lid is closed and clinched. The clinch ensures that in case the vacuum is lost, the lid stays on the can.

This can filling machine was developed in co-operation with a leading print-ink manufacturer. Extra options have been added to make it the perfect machine for this client:

  • The conveyor-belt underneath the filling-station can be removed to allow manual filling of cartrigdes instead of cans
  • The can holding unit can be tilted to easily remove faulty cans
  • We have used the brands that are standard for our customer

The product can be supplied from tanks of from tubs. If the product is viscous, it is recommended that the can filling machine is fed by a tub that is pressed out. These kind of press out systems we can also supply.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us about this can filling machine!