Domas Systems BV offers a large array of possibilities. We produce and construct custom made machinery. All electronic, pneumatic and hydrolic control systems are designed and built by Domas. This technical knowledge is coupled with the clients wishes and specifications. Thus all parties contribute in making the end result: a smooth working machine, doing exactly what you want it to do. No more, no less.

Here are some examples of machines we have produced to date – all being designed to solve a specific problem:

  • a barrel cleaning machine
  • a correction-pen ink cartridge filler
  • machines for producing blood plasma bags
  • hydraulic press and dosage machines
  • fill and cleaning machines for the ink, cosmetics and paint industries

Among Domas Systems BVs clients are several well known manufacturers, including:
Perfecta Chemie (Bison), Henkel, Akzo Nobel, Alabastine, NestlĂ©, Van Son’s Inktfabriek, Grimas Cosmetica, de Sun inktgroep, NPBI, HCI, etc.

But it doesn’t really matter for whom we work. What counts is the solutions our machines have offered them and what we can do to provide you with the solutions you need.