Domas Systems BV delivered machines for the ink industry for many years. These machines are mainly used in the offset-printing industry.

Machines are made for dosing ink, pressout ink above a three mill, pressout ink for a pearl mill.

Domas started in the ink-industries around 1990 by building a cartridge filling machine. This machine was a remarkable novelty, until then no such machine had been developed. None of the known ink-machine manufactures were interested in producing such a machine.
Domas, having the advantage of experience in manufacturing glue and sealant flillng machines, rose to the challenge. The result was a well made, yet reasonably priced machine.

From that moment forward, Domas range of machinery for the ink-industry has been growing steadily. The menu on the left shows the different machines made by Domas so far.
All of the machines shown can be adjusted to fit a clients own specifications. Building the machine that meets the clients every wish is our main priority.