Assembly of rosin crusher for DIC started

At our workshop in Hem, we’ve initiated the assembly of a rosin crusher for DIC – Fine Chemicals.

This rosin crusher is specifically engineered to extract crystallized pine resin from steel drums. The extracted resin serves as a raw material for products such as adhesives and coatings. After extraction from the drum, the resin is broken down into small pieces to facilitate faster melting.

The preparation and engineering phase was extensive due to a complete redesign of the machine. This new version includes a metal shredder to significantly reduce the volume of tin waste. Moreover, the installation complies with Atex standards, ensuring that the machine can operate safely in environments prone to explosions, such as those with flammable dust clouds or vapors.

The initial units are designed to automate the feeding of drums into the crusher. We plan to deliver the installation to our client’s factory in Dahej, India, in August.

Domas represented in France by Brant-Industrie

In the French company Brant-Industrie, Domas Systems has found a good partner for the French-speaking region. Starting this year, customers in France and Wallonia, Belgium, can also purchase our press-out unit and other machinery for the coatings industry through Brant-Industrie. Brant-Industrie has years of experience in the chemical industry, enabling them to provide valuable guidance to customers regarding choices among various models of press-out units. Click here for more information!

Commissioning two press-out units at Sun Chemical in Barcelona

Barcelona – Last week we have commissioned two press-out units at Sun Chemical in Barcelona, Spain.

Sun Chemical, a worldwide operating company in chemical industry. Till this year they had only in their plant in Zaandam, the Netherlands, press-out units from Domas Systems. Because of expansion of their activities in their Barcelona plant, we get the order for two new press-out devices for feeding tree roll mills. This project was very special for us, these press-outs were designed for very big vessels, 1.300mm, the biggest pres-outs we ever made.