Cheese cutting-and-turning machine delivered

In October we have delivered 4 Cheese Cutting-and-turning machines to our customer Vandersterre Groep Packaging bv. With these machines they realize a large logistics improvement. One can put the entire cheese simple and flat on a conveyor input, then the machine automatically centers the cheese, cuts, turns and enter in the slicer.

Of course, the machines are made ‚Äč‚Äčentirely out of stainless steel and the design is according to the latest standards for hygienic design.

Engineering department expanded!

Due to our large orderbook, we have a new employee in our engineering department. The department now consists of three fulltime engineers with all their specialty. We are capable of mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic controls to develop, design and construct machines. For the mechanical designs and drawings we use Geomagic Design (formerly known as Alibre Design). By using Keyshot we are able to make the designed models to photorealistic images.

New depositor for De Kroes Tasty Bakeries

For many years, we supply equipment to “De Kroes Tasty Bakeries” in Oosterhout. De Kroes has ordered us to to design and build a dosing machine, special for their needs. With this machine De Kroes can expand their range of products.
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