Eighth Pressout-Unit for Johnson Matthey

Uitdrukunit met ketel boven de drie-wals

This week we signed the contract with Johnson Matthey, for the manufacturing of the eighth Pressout-Unit for their plant in Maastricht.

Again this installation will be conducted in accordance with ATEX, this is the standard for explosion-safe equipment.

The pressout unit will supply the Buhler three-roll mill with paste. The past is produced in tubs or vessels. The pressout unit will lift the tub. When it is lifted it can be moved above the three-roll mill. When the mill asks for new products, the pressout system will start pressing and supply the three roller mill new product. This pressout device is a standard machine for Domas, and we have ATEX pressout devices and non- Atex pressouts. They are used the way subscribed above, but also used as pressout for bead-mills, pressout for filter presses or pressout for ball mills.