Press-out units delivered

For Arets Graphics in Belgium, member of the Toyo Ink Group, we have developed a new concept Press-out units. These Press-out units are removable from the Lift-column. When the Press-out unit is connected to the vessel, the unit can be disconnected from the column. Now the vessel and Press-out unit an be used at an other location then near the Lift-column. We have delivered one Lift-column and four Press-out units.


This type of units is a further development from our standard press-out units. All units are used to press out tubs, tanks or vessels with high viscous products. The tub can be placed into the press-out system. The system then forces the high viscous product out of the tub. This is very usefull in processing more liquid products. This type of pressouts are used as support machine for the actual processing machines like 3 roll mills, bead mills, filter press, grinders. For more information please contact us.