Toast slicing machine

For our client Jos Poell B.V. from Weert, The Netherlands, we’ve developed and build a 36-way toast slicing machine. The machine cuts thin slices of bread from pre-baked baguettes which are then baked-off in an oven. Toast with a thickness of 9 mm, 7 mm and 4 mm can be processed.

At the end of December the entire project was completed in the factory of Domas Systems. In January the machine will be commissioned at the clients production area in Weert.

New 3D design software

We have choosen to investigate what 3D engineering software is the best choice for our company. After some good investigation we have found out that Spaceclaim is the best choice for us.

We think that direct modelling is a better solution than feature based design.
This will help us to shorten delivery times and lower engineering costs.